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......@@ -13,7 +13,11 @@ HPDOS uses `gRPC` system calls with `protocol buffers` as the data exchange stan
To compile the codebase run `./gradlew build` separately from the client and server root directory. Gradle should take care of installing and managing any third party libraries used.
### Execute
To execute the server and client run `./gradlew run` in separate terminals.
To execute the server and client run `./app/build/install/app/bin/app <full_path_to_app_config_file>` in separate terminals.
Representative `app.config` files have been provided in respective server and client root directories.
The client library file `ClientRunner` is a primitive benchmarking class and can be used for testing purposes.
### Clean
The project build generated files can be cleaned by running `./gradlew clean`
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