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added some data to and INFO file updated

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Discussed with Bharath Radhakrishnan - 133050014
Assignment 4 for CS733, Engineering a Cloud
Combine the KVStore and RAFT
# Completed RAFT implementation with a KVStore behind it
## Assignment 4 for CS733, Engineering a Cloud, CS733, IIT Bombay
### Authors:
* Sushant Mahajan (133059007)
* Discussed with - Bharath Radhakrishnan (133050014)
The raft implementation is complete. commands are getting replicated across all replicas and the leader is the only one responding.
If the client tries to connect to a non-leader, he receives redirect error and connection is closed. Leader election works.
### Note:
The log files will become very large on running test cases. They are named as log{0..4}.
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