Commit f48b8e00 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

updated plugins

parent 589ccd34
Subproject commit 0992511ad9b250cbe53bccbec3b0cb24feca64ec
Subproject commit 64eeb2dd9a0afd33ed8610a2d07416d126d5a2ef
Subproject commit 5dc0cc54180bd757a37c9828d5229956979cd654
Subproject commit f45ecdac15d99ed2354873a8b4d40432fd0a85a3
Subproject commit 84add5b7f9a84dcc955d463a7dab639aa5bd031d
Subproject commit 2337c65b37c94a4b1eb7b10059d911e7dd727cc2
Subproject commit 0095769029709b531d2505ee6ad9907dd9bd72a0
Subproject commit 4cc201cbe3a0c3faa4cde1b82ba941d410e5e81c
......@@ -157,3 +157,8 @@ set completeopt+=menuone,longest,preview
set complete+=k
source $HOME/.vim/local/$CONFLOCAL.vim
" PP
noremap <leader>p "+p
noremap <leader>y "+y
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