Commit e17f7857 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

updated plugins

parent d7a6bc16
......@@ -38,3 +38,6 @@
path = bundle/airline
url =
ignore = dirty
[submodule "bundle/colorschemes"]
path = bundle/colorschemes
url =
Subproject commit e6cda6812812716f9c232d7cfa0d26d5bf16c50c
Subproject commit f6e465c23ed918e04e9b0690ce5ab49df141094c
Subproject commit ca925efdbfe88b03597efc7caee4ee8762a2cfe0
Subproject commit e2a120869ba36da5d26df74fb23ef4052d55b6f0
Subproject commit 81c6dd7ce3169e5ad9ba92422ba6e1ce5b074e36
Subproject commit 8bbc4b17331e0cec40e1c1d7a9b39493ef90a612
Subproject commit d3932e2a68c957299761b91f9b4743ce60f93a46
Subproject commit 47821840200cd8e14e99001caac602a37cdf8d5c
Subproject commit a7758aa188a2a1979070c704ff721216bdd68bc8
Subproject commit fd75eb2cb2ffe85a457445cb152d5a6c7acda140
Subproject commit ec579a50478758ee6cebe265cf536f9a2f6c4e34
set nocompatible
set ruler
set number
set bg=dark
"set bg=dark
set incsearch
" This shows what you are typing as a command. I love this!
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ set pastetoggle=<F10>
set title
set laststatus=2
set t_Co=256
"set t_Co=256
nore ; :
nore , ;
......@@ -109,3 +109,4 @@ if @% == "" && getcwd() == "/tmp"
let g:DiffColors=100
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