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There are many people in this world who know a lot about some topics. There aremany too who do not know anything about some topics. Nobody knows everything.But everybody knows something. Everyone has something important to teach, butempowering individuals to share their knowledge is critical. The kind of insight andunderstanding that is not really written down anywhere or easily transferred from oneperson to another makes the need to capture that critical knowledge.
Peer’s Space is started to provide a platform to exchange knowledge between theexperts of one field with the experts of other field. The vast majority of human knowl-edge is still not on the internet. Most of it is trapped in the form of experience inpeople’s heads, or buried in books and papers that only experts can access. As a con-sequence most people don’t have the knowledge they should, and don’t have the time,connections, or skills to get the knowledge faster.
If a users want to get some knowledge it is very difficult for the users to get knowledge without wasting a lot of time on internet. User finds too many ads and too many links to search for getting the desired knowledge and users still left with incomplete knowledge. Sometimes users also forced to see uninterested topics and ads. Websites are also sometimes biased because they are getting money from ads and links. So, They will suggest users to some specific source of knowledge. We want to provide single platform to users where users can continuously get the unbiased knowledge about the interested topics only.
This motivated us to design a Peer's space.
Peer's space provide a common platform to people to getting to know about peers. This is very fast way to get the knowledge with help of reading /commenting /writing articles. This web app provides article suggestions based on the interest of users so without any wasting of time users can get good knowledge.
How to use:
Using the Peer’s Space is very simple. You need to have installed the dependencies.
Toinstall python3 on ubuntu, run the following command in your terminal.
•sudo apt-get install python3.8
To install Django on ubuntu, run the following command in your terminal.
•sudo apt-get install python3-django
One needs to git clone the project. After that open terminal in main directory and runfollowing commands.
•python3 makemigrations
•python3 migrate
•python3 runserver
To access the application open the web browser and go to "localhost:8000"
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