Commit 3ecce2f2 authored by Paras Garg's avatar Paras Garg


MODULE_big = lsm
OBJS = lsm.o
PGFILEDESC = "lsm tree index based on existing btree index"
#MODULES = lsm.o
DATA = lsm--1.0.sql
REGRESS = test
REGRESS_OPTS = --temp-config $(top_srcdir)/contrib/lsm3/lsm3.conf
ifdef USE_PGXS
PG_CONFIG ?= pg_config
PGXS := $(shell $(PG_CONFIG) --pgxs)
include $(PGXS)
subdir = contrib/lsm3
top_builddir = ../..
include $(top_builddir)/src/
include $(top_srcdir)/contrib/
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
comment = 'Lsm index'
default_version = '1.0'
module_pathname = '$libdir/lsm'
relocatable = true
* It is too expensive to check index size at each insert because it requires traverse of all index file segments and calling lseek for each.
* But we do not need precise size, so it is enough to do it at each n-th insert. The lagest B-Tree key size is abut 2kb,
* so with N=64K in the worst case error will be less than 128Mb and for 32-bit key just 1Mb.
#define LSM3_CHECK_TOP_INDEX_SIZE_PERIOD (64*1024) /* should be power of two */
* Control structure for Lsm3 index located in shared memory
typedef struct
Oid base; /* Oid of base index */
Oid heap; /* Oid of indexed relation */
Oid top[2]; /* Oids of two top indexes */
int access_count[2]; /* Access counter for top indexes */
int active_index; /* Index used for insert */
uint64 n_merges; /* Number of performed merges since database open */
uint64 n_inserts; /* Number of performed inserts since database open */
volatile bool start_merge; /* Start merging of top index with base index */
volatile bool merge_in_progress; /* Overflow of top index intiate merge process */
PGPROC* merger; /* Merger background worker */
Oid db_id; /* user ID (for background worker) */
Oid user_id; /* database Id (for background worker) */
int top_index_size; /* Size of top index */
slock_t spinlock; /* Spinlock to synchronize access */
} Lsm3DictEntry;
* Opaque part of index scan descriptor
typedef struct
Lsm3DictEntry* entry; /* Lsm3 control structure */
Relation top_index[2]; /* Opened top index relations */
SortSupport sortKeys; /* Context for comparing index tuples */
IndexScanDesc scan[3]; /* Scan descriptors for two top indexes and base index */
bool eof[3]; /* Indicators that end of index was reached */
bool unique; /* Whether index is "unique" and we can stop scan after locating first occurrence */
int curr_index; /* Index from which last tuple was selected (or -1 if none) */
} Lsm3ScanOpaque;
/* Lsm3 index options */
typedef struct
BTOptions nbt_opts; /* Standard B-Tree options */
int top_index_size; /* Size of top index (overrode lsm3.top_index_size GUC */
bool unique; /* Index may not contain duplicates. We prohibit unique constraint for Lsm3 index
* because it can not be enforced. But presence of this index option allows to optimize
* index lookup: if key is found in active top index, do not search other two indexes.
} Lsm3Options;
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