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I pledge on my honour that i have not given or received any unauthorised assistance on this assignment or any previous task.
we learnt the basic functions in octave,healthy use of google and use of fzero,fsolve and terminal use too.
Fenil: 100%
Mohit patil(150050017),fenil vanvi(150050003),rajat kapoor(150050037)
S=load ("input_inlab_task_A1.txt"); %takes input from the text file
x=S(1); %assignment of x is Nx
y=S(2); %assignment of y is Ny
f=@(a) x*cos(a)+y*sin(a)+4*(sin(a/3)*sin(a/3))-3; %defining a function to get "a" which is the angle of incidence
fsolve(f,0.0001) %solves the function f and gives "a"
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