Commit d55c100e authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

added new manpage settings based on

parent f22a24b0
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if exists("b:did_man")
let b:did_man = 1
setlocal nolist setlocal nolist
setlocal readonly setlocal readonly
setlocal buftype=nofile setlocal buftype=nofile
setlocal bufhidden=hide setlocal bufhidden=hide
setlocal noswapfile setlocal noswapfile
setlocal nomodifiable setlocal nomodifiable
setlocal nowrap
setlocal conceallevel=3
setlocal iskeyword+=,_
setlocal concealcursor=nvic
function! PrepManPager() if !exists("*s:MMan")
setlocal modifiable function! s:MMan()
if !empty ($MAN_PN) let l:word = substitute(expand('<cword>'), '.\b', '', 'g')
silent %! col -b -x if winnr('$') == 1
file $MAN_PN vsplit
endif endif
setlocal nomodified exec 'Man' l:word
setlocal nomodifiable endfunction
autocmd BufEnter $MAN_PN call PrepManPager() function s:PrepManPager()
nnoremap q :q!<CR> setlocal modifiable
nnoremap <Space> <PageDown> if !empty ($MAN_PN)
map <expr> <CR> winnr('$') == 1 ? ':vs<CR><C-]>' : '<C-]>' "silent %! col -b -x
file $MAN_PN
setlocal nomodified
setlocal nomodifiable
"autocmd BufEnter $MAN_PN call PrepManPager()
nnoremap <buffer> q :q!<CR>
nnoremap <buffer> <Space> <PageDown>
nnoremap <buffer> <CR> :call <SID>MMan()<CR>
nnoremap <buffer> <c-]> :call <SID>MMan()<CR>
inoremap <buffer> [[ \begin{}<Esc>i inoremap <buffer> [[ \begin{}<Esc>i
imap ]] <Plug>LatexCloseCurEnv
setlocal colorcolumn=+1 setlocal colorcolumn=+1
setlocal spell spelllang=en_gb setlocal spell spelllang=en_gb
if has("gui_running") if has("gui_running")
if has("gui_gtk2") if has("gui_gtk2")
set guifont=Ubuntu\ Mono\ 11 set guifont=Ubuntu\ Mono\ derivative\ Powerline\ 13
set guioptions-=r set guioptions-=r
endif endif
endif endif
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1 let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
set textwidth=80 set textwidth=80
...@@ -67,3 +67,6 @@ Gavroche ...@@ -67,3 +67,6 @@ Gavroche
Daneel Daneel
Anathem Anathem
bullwhip bullwhip
...@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ autocmd! User YouCompleteMe if !has('vim_starting') | call youcompleteme#Enable( ...@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ autocmd! User YouCompleteMe if !has('vim_starting') | call youcompleteme#Enable(
Plug 'godlygeek/tabular' Plug 'godlygeek/tabular'
Plug 'vim-scripts/deb.vim' Plug 'vim-scripts/deb.vim'
Plug 'moon-musick/vim-logrotate'
call plug#end() call plug#end()
function! EnableYCM() function! EnableYCM()
...@@ -143,7 +144,6 @@ set foldmethod=syntax ...@@ -143,7 +144,6 @@ set foldmethod=syntax
set foldlevelstart=3 set foldlevelstart=3
let g:syntastic_cpp_compiler_options = ' -std=c++11' let g:syntastic_cpp_compiler_options = ' -std=c++11'
let g:syntastic_python_python_exec = '/usr/bin/python3' let g:syntastic_python_python_exec = '/usr/bin/python3'
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
"let g:LatexBox_latexmk_options = ' -xelatex ' "let g:LatexBox_latexmk_options = ' -xelatex '
"let g:LatexBox_latexmk_async = 1 "let g:LatexBox_latexmk_async = 1
"let g:LatexBox_latexmk_preview_continuously = 1 "let g:LatexBox_latexmk_preview_continuously = 1
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