Commit d20e1a27 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

plugin updates, go keybinding for debug run and test

parent 77079737
YouCompleteMe @ d05bf551
Subproject commit 3bed9f2570e35f152a8492c4affac1e3c7c48797 Subproject commit d05bf551a677ac70d5b6de707a7174a97dccd4dd
airline @ 8afd72d8
Subproject commit 06f2cb5a89931284ac0a8c5a52fb8fb4420f4ebe Subproject commit 8afd72d886f90c2f6632545691920c51920bbee0
ctrlp.vim @ 7f74368d
Subproject commit fc1ae24b3eaa500deb6347e215ba54893b4ab319 Subproject commit 7f74368d85bb521951dd58123349ce66b947d058
supertab @ 66511772
Subproject commit 9f7da6d4988daf863ebc414f221bb12c2614f59e Subproject commit 66511772a430a5eaad7f7d03dbb02e8f33c4a641
syntastic @ d1a179d7
Subproject commit 91814d6723b03ea9f9437e1950d12861957d4b9a Subproject commit d1a179d750bd1d136d7f38e69f2c5b8439886de7
vim-fugitive @ fd36aa9c
Subproject commit 18d6d1ab82d9ac15586d7d3c1a36f9ef6fb50eae Subproject commit fd36aa9c61e06d71befdbe8931f97137c489b065
vim-go @ b82f9e10
Subproject commit eec4e3e8a8227fe24618e114ff2e644615f51ad6 Subproject commit b82f9e105150137061904c0f90228952144d165e
vim-markdown @ 38788ac3
Subproject commit 715fa12ff651da838e58e7f88f18d47a1e611a7d Subproject commit 38788ac3019c624def78c2d6d7db861ea17c9fea
vimtex @ 1aedd5a7
Subproject commit f4683e3439966c5702e5168d5ee0c910d31ab867 Subproject commit 1aedd5a7464c93af5af86fec2f4cfce97d5f2947
...@@ -36,3 +36,5 @@ let g:tagbar_type_go = { ...@@ -36,3 +36,5 @@ let g:tagbar_type_go = {
nnoremap <buffer> <leader>r :GoRun<cr> nnoremap <buffer> <leader>r :GoRun<cr>
nnoremap <buffer> <leader>pc :pc<cr> nnoremap <buffer> <leader>pc :pc<cr>
nnoremap <buffer> <leader>d :GoRun % --debug<cr>
nnoremap <buffer> <leader>t :GoTest -v -cpu=8<cr>
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