Commit 88451a07 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

update plugins

parent fede748d
LaTeX-Box @ 3c2901e1
Subproject commit 55a88ed55a7631b91321916cf80c47077d478c9c Subproject commit 3c2901e12cb78bfb2be58ba4c62a488612550fe1
airline @ cdc6d98a
Subproject commit 491b3335cd20691ec2e1227faee2d04c3e176d8a Subproject commit cdc6d98a09db60d3dda58815616f78338cbdaa9d
diffchar.vim @ 5a124d56
Subproject commit 674ad04a2c7ffe6c2f704a58e8cf8a5ae2254a05 Subproject commit 5a124d56a2684dea1d37d26dd4a2d90d56399a88
nerdtree @ 86e2e40a
Subproject commit af85499edace2acca27ce41790ac333f62b689bb Subproject commit 86e2e40af161e65a3ad671214f16f23af360a5a7
syntastic @ 76ec53f1
Subproject commit 25ad02e12d1b6715eb0e46e24163476631266525 Subproject commit 76ec53f186d1e68a01c1470eec6ae50bfcedd64f
vim-fugitive @ 7c4a9061
Subproject commit 935a2cccd3065b1322fb2235285d42728600afdf Subproject commit 7c4a90614792cf4b74e0f3386cc6b14046419312
...@@ -13,3 +13,4 @@ arity ...@@ -13,3 +13,4 @@ arity
cyrptosystems cyrptosystems
teleportation teleportation
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