Commit 5a4eebc8 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

plugin updates

parent a4c0d9da
YouCompleteMe @ 3e748dea
Subproject commit 674db42eefd9b2ac9a3bea92e99acf53d4f95fcd
Subproject commit 3e748deaece9cba9b6bb222dddb65a62dfe1eb30
airline @ 1dc8eac3
Subproject commit 9d1196f40aac7bbef5cec0c9307e80e207a4dfca
Subproject commit 1dc8eac3d232bdcc7941deb47f300ac79e344873
syntastic @ d445e18f
Subproject commit d8af5028ecd541f721dab769479092b643f47a76
Subproject commit d445e18fe10a4e06c25ff396a4e9d57a3bc20032
vim-go @ 8f3d83fc
Subproject commit de369ba2a1ed2195c5a50dd3a396d3760050d171
Subproject commit 8f3d83fc0ad1c4deaf5cb26aff373d0e8a1a0f18
vimtex @ d28e8f67
Subproject commit 664b7259ce7b408e1b3affb93f307c0395eb8bbd
Subproject commit d28e8f672a84540468ca3e489fc148a564757892
......@@ -66,3 +66,4 @@ Rhett
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