Commit 31b559a1 authored by Murukesh Mohanan's avatar Murukesh Mohanan

plugin updates

parent 86695d07
......@@ -8,3 +8,5 @@ alias pacl='pacaur -Ql'
source /usr/share/doc/pkgfile/command-not-found.zsh
[[ -n $DISPLAY && -z $SSH_CONNECTION ]] &&
synclient TapButton1=1 TapButton2=3 TapButton3=2 CircularScrolling=1
alias wg='wget --continue'
Subproject commit 3ac27820b16ff32871f592d522f34c05637eeb5b
Subproject commit d8ba7a2fd7d8c4a720e88f5157fe4ea1ae43e869
Subproject commit aac4a4423898fccbd1ab72c369ac09995a9139f1
Subproject commit 73cb83270262bbb6bf110a8a6a99f36db8f56cef
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ autoload run-help-git
alias help=run-help
ssht () {
ssh -Xt "$@" byobu-screen
ssh -Xt "$@" '$SHELL -lc byobu'
# pip zsh completion start
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