Commit 59b138d6 authored by CHARLES RAJAN's avatar CHARLES RAJAN


Group Details -
Charles Rajan 150050054 100% - contribution
Manas Bhargava 150050057 100% - contribution
Ravindra Kumar 150050058 100% - contribution
Group Honor COde - We pledge on my honour that we have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment or any previous task.
Citations -
- for opening and closing file
- for fprintf
- for solving equations
Learning Experience -
Get an hands on experience on doing ocatave.first we started on with solving the equations in ocatve and then rested on the fsolve function in octave.
Then we loooked for how to read data from the file and load it into a text file for which we used the load and save output.
But then we took the fprintf function by writing it in the new text file because save function was giving some documentatioin with printing.
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