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Installing Dependencies:-
sudo pip install django
sudo pip install psycopg2-binary
Set up postgresql with any database that you want.
Update the Information about the database adn IP address in /ARFA/
Start your postgresql server.
Insert data in the database using sample database ```/ARFA/with_tests_for_demo.sql``` using the
```psql -h localhost -p <port_no> -d <database-name> < /ARFA/sample_database.sql```
Now run the following commands
```cd ARFA
python runserver```
Go to your favourite browser and type in the url “​​ ”
view Faculty and Student
Note that the password is ​ <First_Name>12345678
First Letter of first name is capital for example for both mathur42,mathur55 the
password is Mathur12345678.
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